What You Should Know Before You Hire Any Private Investigator


Who is this man?

George W. Babnick is the Chief Investigator at Babnick and Associates – a private intelligence gathering and investigative firm based in the Portland Oregon metropolitan area.Babnick and Associates provides confidential intelligence information and investigative services to attorneys, businesses, organizations, and private individuals throughout Oregon and undertakes global investigations through a world-wide network of associated investigators. Mr. Babnick is a former Portland Police Bureau Captain and investigator and brings more than 30 years of law enforcement experience to every case. He has completed hundreds of hours of investigative training and has decades of real-life experience in information gathering and investigating and managing all types of criminal and non-criminal cases. Mr. Babnick is the author of numerous articles on security and investigations and has also taught investigation skills and techniques to law enforcement investigators throughout the Portland area. He holds criminal justice degrees from Portland Community College and Portland State University and graduated from law school with a Juris Doctorate (JD) degree. This panoply of academic achievement, experience, and investigative acumen, sets Babnick and Associates apart from most private investigation agencies and ensures that clients receive the results they need in a confidential and discrete manner and at a price they can afford. Babnick and Associates offers a wide range of investigative services from domestic investigations, to missing persons and internal workplace investigations. For a complete list of services provided, please see Services listed on the homepage. If the service you need is not listed, please call and speak directly to Mr. Babnick. It is likely that he will be able to help you or refer you to one of our associate investigators.

What’s with the umbrella?

As you know, it rains a lot here in Oregon and quite simply, the umbrella helps repel the rain! But, this special umbrella does more than just repel rain. This one-of-a-kind umbrella designed exclusively for Babnick and Associates, also serves as a high definition miniature surveillance camera. Innovative technology like this allows Babnick and Associates operatives to blend in with the crowd and covertly capture video of their target.This is just one example of the high tech equipment, professionalism, and investigative ingenuity that goes into each investigation. Whether your situations is complex and requires extensive investigation or just a couple hours of investigative services, Babnick and Associates can provide you with quality service in a professional, confidential and discrete manner.